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Addition Hills, Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong Metro Manila

The Olive Place is a mixed-use condominium and residential property that is located in Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. This project is developed by Data Land Inc., which is one of the top real estate developers in the Philippines. Data Land Inc. is known for its focus on residential, retail and commercial developments. With the construction of The Olive Place, the developers are hoping to establish one of the prime addresses in Mandaluyong City.

The developers of The Olive Place are projecting to build an urban haven that strikes a balance between a busy lifestyle and relaxed living. The condominium will consist of two towers, each rising to 50 storeys high. This makes it one of the tallest buildings in Mandaluyong City once it is finished. This will also provide the future residents of The Olive Place a unique view of the skyline.

The residents of Mandaluyong City are used to the busy metro lifestyle in this area. In between the rush of the traffic and the density of the population, living a relaxed lifestyle seems to be an impossible feat. Hence, The Olive Place is looking to change that by providing a balance between accessibility to the urban center of the city with a relaxed lifestyle that is free from stress.

The Olive Place is the epitome of an urban master plan living. It is distinctively recognized for its modern architecture. This posh residential tower is aimed to blend seamlessly with modern office buildings and skyscrapers. This project reflects the commitment of its developer, Data Land Inc., to redefine the living standards in the city with the construction of The Olive Place. It is packed with premium amenities and all are located on the building’s 7th floor. Hence, residents can maximize all of the facilities and amenities to relax in the midst of an urban jungle.

The expected turnover for all units within The Olive Place is in the year 2019. Interested residents have three types of units to choose from: Studio, 1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom Units. A studio unit measures at 24.32 square meters in size with a total cost of PhP 2.4 million per unit. Meanwhile, the 1-Bedroom Unit is measured at 34.87 square meters in size with a total cost of up to PhP 3.3 million. Finally, the 2-Bedroom units have two options: 69.47 or 75.73 square meters in size. The total cost is somewhere between PhP 6.8 million to PhP 7.2 million depending on the size of the unit chosen.

You can therefore enjoy a slice of redefined condo living experience in Mandaluyong City for as low as PhP 11,000 a month for studio type units. Meanwhile, you can get your 1-Bedroom Unit for PhP 13,000 a month and PhP 32,000 a month for 2-Bedroom units. All units are finished to make it ready for residents to use upon moving in. The living room, kitchen and dining area are finished with homogenous tiles, kitchen granite counter top, kitchen cabinets, windows with aluminum framed glass panels, automatic water sprinkler system, and semi-solid wooden doors. Unit residents can choose to install their own kitchen range hood and the kitchen is built to accommodate that if the unit owner decides to install one. The main door for the unit is also equipped with a peep hole as an added security measure.

For the toilet and bath, the floor is finished with ceramic tiles. The walls in the toilet are also finished with paint to smooth. Meanwhile, all of the basic bathroom fixtures such as a PVC door, mirror and under-counter lavatory are available.

Living in a busy metropolis, being able to live in a serene atmosphere is close to impossible. The city is constantly filled with noise and traffic – you might find yourself wanting to escape this urban jungle. With The Olive Place, it is poised to change how you look at city living from here on out. It might be located right at the heart of the city but also free from the stress of it all. It is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate after a busy day’s work.

According to Data Land Inc.’s motto, “quality beyond the basic”, that is also what you’d expect when you live in The Olive Place. With the location one of the fastest-growing parts of Metro Manila, you can expect more growth and endless opportunities for work and leisure in the nearby future. Since the units are currently on pre-sell status, aspiring residents can visit the showroom at 545 Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.