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Loma de Gato Marilao Bulacan

Alegria Residences is a residential establishment situated in Marilao, Bulacan. This is the most exclusive subdivision of the region that offers a comfortable living to its people. Lush green surroundings, beautifully designed townhouses, luxurious amenities, convenient features, and various nearby located landmarks are what one gets to avail and enjoy while investing in this excellent residential community.

The property offers townhouse models of various kinds amongst which the residents can pick the one suiting their requirements and family size. The entire project is spread in a large expanse of 345,846 square kilometers. This huge expanse of land includes a number of townhouses along with various other offerings for a better living of the residents.

Alegria Residences is also close to a number of essential roadways which makes commutation easy and convenient. Some of these essential connected roadways lead to landmarks and locations of prime importance. The property is located just at a distance of six to seven kilometers from essentials like SM San Jose Del Monte and MRT seven.

The location of Loma de Gato is considered to be a prime location when it comes to setting up families. It is considered so because it lies close to various essentials of day-to-day life that a family requires regularly for a peaceful living. This location owns a frontage of almost one hundred and forty-six linear meters and lies at an adjacent direction to the provincial road. The frontal zone of the location is dedicated to commercial establishments while the other regions are saved for residential setups.

There are also other residential and housing properties situated in the area which doesn't isolate Alegria Residences and the residents have similar neighbors all around. In spite of being located in an area where various residential and commercial establishments stand, the property imparts a peaceful living to its occupants. The designing and construction of Alegria Residences is such that it stays to be one of the most peaceful residential communities in the area.

The various townhouse types that one gets to pick from while investing in Alegria Residences are named as Aleica, Adella, Abria, Amira, Ayora, Adama, and Adora. These various townhouse types are ideal to suit the requirements of various family sizes. There are various essential utility spaces and rooms incorporated in all of these townhouses such that the residents can lead a life of utmost comfort and convenience

Mc Arthur Hi-way, Pio Cruzcosa Calumpit Bulacan

La Residencia Homes – Where nature and comfortable living is within your reach.  A subdivision with commercial area inside, everything you want is here.

Calumpit Calumpit Bulacan

Villares is trategically located inside La Residencia at McArthur Hiway, Pio Cruzcosa, Calumpit Bulacan. Where nature and comfortable living is within your reach. A subdivision with commercial area inside, everything you want is here