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Welmanville Development Corp. Projects

Isabang Tayabas Quezon

The fastest growing community situated at very convenient location, accessible to all means of transportation, at very affordable price.

Santo Tomas Biñan Laguna

Welmanville Binan Subdivision is the newest house and lot for sale in Binan Laguna by Welmanville Development Corporation.

Kaykulot Road, Brgy. Sungay East Tagaytay Cavite

Buy Tagaytay, why? It’s vacation wonderland. Lush greenery and refreshing cool weather and the fantastic view clinch it for Tagaytay as the nearest tourist paradise to Manila. Greatest of all it can be reached quickly just like a suburb. Work in Manila during the workweek then recharge in Tagaytay on weekends. That’s not too shabby.

You can’t do repeat visits every weekend by staying in hotels or renting. You’ll get burned out financially and physically. The glamour dies down on the third stay so the hotel facilities feel stifling. The cost is staggering compared to the small amount entailed by the monthly amortization if you buy your own unit.

Tagaytay Hampton Villas near the Picnic Grove and Tagaytay Highlands has less traffic jams than the area leading to Nasugbu, Batangas. The two story townhouse complex is built on 7,000 plus square meters that’s compact enough to secure with 24 hour guards and CCTV. Giant developments leave vulnerable parts unsecured where break-ins and assaults can happen before the security alarm can be raised and responded to.

Buying a regular house in a subdivision can be a hassle. The place might be a security risk if the homeowner’s association is not well organized. The subdivision streets and common areas could quickly deteriorate if maintenance is not up to par. The house itself will take a lot of work to keep neat and trim. Locking up after the owners have returned to Manila is a tedious chore because of the big size. Cleaning up will entail the hiring of a caretaker for the place.

Tagaytay Hampton Villas is a horizontal condominium offering two story townhouses clustered in villas in attractive layout. The parking is on the outer fringes carved out of the landscaping so they look like integrated with the gardens. Tiled walkways separate the villas and so you can meander between the townhouses arrayed in warm neighborly patterns like in a corner of Europe or Greenwich Village.

The two story townhouses measure approximately 64 square meters plus for floor space. It’s roomy enough than the shoeboxes in high rise condos. The modern construction design gives the façade a new tech feel of glass and steel. Keeping the place tidy and locking up for the next visit is a breeze. No big costs to own and maintain because the fees are very affordable. One unit costs approximately 3.4 million plus pesos and subject to loan terms that are very reasonable.

Tagaytay Hampton Villas is a villa project developed by Welmanville Development Corporation.